Youth Events

Ages 12 years old - 17 years old

"Wet and messy community building outdoor games"

Our morning starts off with a high potential for getting wet and messy! Join us as we take the dive in a Dunk tank or race our way down the huge inflatable water slide. We end the morning with even more mess as we divide into teams and see who is the best army with shaving cream as your only weapon. 

(please have your teen bring a change of clothes and towel for this session)

"Games, Games, Games!" 

Join us in the Found & Free room as we start the afternoon off with a massive scavenger hunt! We will start in the Found & Free room and work our way around the property to find all the clues for this awesome hunt. 

If we happen to be amazing and find all our treasure before time ends we will also have a variety of games available to play in the Found & Free room. 


"Family Fun Night"
Teenagers will be joining the adults for Family Fun Night and Dinner starting at 6pm!

Breakouts Prepared by
Michael and Carley Helms
Youth Directors