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Worshippers first. 


We believe that our highest calling in life is to minister to the Lord.  The Gate Charlotte is a spirit filled and spirit led worshipping church.  Every week we gather together from all different walks of life to passionately lift up the name of Jesus!    

Musicians second.

"They and all their relatives, all of them skilled and trained to make music to the Lord..."
- 1 Chronicles 25:7

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Worship Creates a Space


Rather than trying to describe our worship services, they say a picture speaks a thousand words.  We have had the honor of leading worship the past few years for the Bill Johnson conference at ANC church.  Here is a snapshot from this past year.  

" Worship creates a space for us to experience the tangible presence of our good Father"
- Bethel Church, Redding    


The videos below are not TGC, but they will give you a good idea of what our worship services feel like.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of The Gate's Worship Team. Please read through the requirements below before completing the audition sign up form and submitting your video.  


  • Must be a born again believer
  • Must live in the greater Charlotte area
  • Must be able to play to a click track
  • 2 year minimum band or worship team experience

Video Audition

Please send an email with a video of yourself that includes the following content:
1. A brief description of your background as a worship team musician/vocalist (1 min or less).
2. You playing or singing a worship song of your choice with a single instrument.
Your video should be 5 min or less.

Please submit all videos to worshipteam@thegatecharlotte.com via Dropbox or a similar file service.  Along with your video, please fill out the form below.  If your video is selected, you’ll hear from our worship team on the next steps.

Audition Signup Form

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